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12 апреля 18.30 ДКГ

1 отделение  -   П.И. Чайковский     “Лебединое озеро” II акт

                                                   Хореография Л. Иванова, М. Петипа       

 2 отделение  -    Ш.Ф. Гуно    “Вальпургиева ночь”        

                                                   Хореография Г. Бурибаевой

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18 мая 17.00 ДКГ

Мюзикл в 2-х действиях


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20 апреля 17.00 ДКГ

Мюзикл в 2-х действиях

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11 мая 17:00 ДКГ

Оперетта  в 3-х действиях

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21 апреля 17.00 ДКГ

Оперетта в 2-х действиях

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«Король вальса»

10 мая 18.30 ДКГ

Оперетта в 2-х действиях

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17 мая 18.30 ДКГ

Балет в 2-х действиях

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Ibraev Amantay Temirbaevich
Born in 1962, from 1994 to the present time works in the Karaganda Academic Theater of Musical Comedy. Since 1998, is the head of the Karaganda Academic Theater of Musical Comedy. Ibrayev A.T. is a laureate of international competitions, honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The repertoire range Ibrayeva A.T. as a vocalist is quite wide, includes all the performances of the theater.
The roles that he performs are bright, characteristic, with impeccable performance of the parties, an impressive acting character, an unusual stage decision and a creative approach to the realization of the director's idea. This is Mr. X from “The Princess of the Circus” by I. Kalman, Barinkay and Omonay from the “Gypsy Baron” by I. Strauss, Count Orlovsky from the “Bat” by I. Strauss, the Rajas from “Bayadera” by I. Kalman, Rene from “Count of Luxembourg ”F. Lehár, Rigoletto from“ Rigoletto ”by G. Verdi, Figaro from“ The Barber of Seville ”by J. Rossini, Scarpia in“ Tosca ”by J. Puccini. A.T. Ibraev also has an extensive concert repertoire, where he performs arias not only from the classical repertoire, but also works of the modern trend: arias from Abai from A. Zhubanov and L. Hamidi’s opera “Abai”, Serke from Cavatina from “Aisulu” S. Muhamedzhanov , aria of Seeds from E. Drudarai Brusilovsky, couplets of Escamillo from Carmen by J. Bizet, a romance of Wolfram from Tannhauser by R. Wagner.
They are distinguished by the magnificence of sound and penetration of the songs of P. Tchaikovsky, P. Bulakhov, S. Rakhmaninov, which Ibraev A.T. performs both at traditional parties of romances, and in concerts. He is invited to work as a soloist at the Almaty Opera and Ballet Theater named after Abai, to theaters in various cities of the republic, to the symphony orchestra of Karaganda.
 He also actively participates in cultural and social programs of city, regional and republican significance, where he acts both as a vocalist and as a theater director. His creative potential is very high, his ideas are embodied in various projects, which greatly enhances the image of the theater in the Republic and far beyond its borders.
Thus, the project created in 2002 by the studio of life-size puppets has been implemented for 13 years and is financially recouped, and the studio itself is annually enriched with new productions attracting a large number of spectators and being successful in the cities of Kazakhstan, justifying its high rating on tour in Omsk (Russia). The studio of puppet “Buratino” is part of the theater and is also justified in joining it, since more serious work on technical equipment was made possible with thoughtful guidance and a more advanced material and technical base, which is in the theater of musical comedy. This project of director Ibrayev A.T. implemented in full and brings tangible results.
For 15 years, the project has been carried out and expanded in its implementation by the invitation to the repertoire performances of leading masters of the world, both artists and conductors, significantly expanding the scope of familiar performances with soloists that cannot be seen and heard by an ordinary viewer without leaving the region. Every year the number of guests and the quality level of the performances increases, as opportunities are being sought for creating a unified cultural environment with metropolitan and world theaters. The Memorandum of Cooperation concluded in 2011 with the puppet theater, actor, mask Harlequin (Russia, Omsk) is already being implemented in the mutual tours of the two theaters, significantly expanding and enriching the cultural space of Russia and Kazakhstan.
Within the framework of the International Theater and Educational Space, cooperation with the theaters of Kazan (Russia), which originated from the “Nauruz” forum (2010) and continued in 2011 touring, becomes a significant and mutually beneficial one. In 2011, a project was launched on vocational guidance among pupils of graduate classes to promote the profession of a ballet dancer and a vocalist of a musical theater, when the campaign group went to schools in the city and region with a specific program, which brought significant results in current school year.
In 2011, a project was launched to create a free ballet studio at the theater, which consists of 3 groups of 17 people each and which is attended by children from 5 years old from all over the city. Significantly expands the scope of the project to promote the cultural heritage of Kazakhstan. This is the setting of Kazakh fairy tales in the state and Russian languages, the national opera of E. Brusilovsky “Dudary”. Since 2012, the Dosstar festival, which has already become international, has been held on the basis of KATMK.
Ibrayev A.T. - This is a man, well-known and respected in the city and the Republic, he is loved in the theater. He often appears in programs of local and republican television, articles are devoted to him in publications of various levels. His personal qualities attract and interest contemporaries and young people.
Ibrayev A.T. - is an intelligent, decent, educated man, an excellent family man.
1. Creating a studio of puppets (the project has been successfully implemented for 13 years)
2. Joining the amateur studio “Buratino”, equipping it with technical and professional staff - only professional artists work for 5 years, and children from the city’s schools work with studios at the theater (the project is successfully implemented for 11 years)
3. Invitation of leading vocal masters from around the world to current repertoire performances (the project has been successfully implemented for 15 years)
4. Inviting leading directors, choreographers and artists to implement new productions (the project has been successfully implemented for 15 years)
5. Cooperation with Russian theaters (implemented for 5 years)
6. Career Guidance (implemented since 2011)
7. Creation of a ballet studio (project started in autumn 2011)
8. Propaganda of the ethnocultural heritage of Kazakhstan (the project is being implemented for 5 years)
9. International festival of opera and musical "Dosstar" (since 2012)
10. Theater Thursday "I give you the light of my soul" (since 2015)
11. Creative workshop KATMK (since January 2016)
12. Opening of the Rainbow Hall for the smallest viewer (since 2015)